Size 50

by Waltrui

With only eight weeks ahead, the preparations for our family expansion are getting serious. Birth card: check, gift list: double-check. And of course there's a a fourth wardrobe to fill. Going through Mon's former outfits, I realized that it takes a baby to know how to dress one. By now, I could write a book about my do's, don'ts and bad bargains, but let's start with some tips in a blogpost.

Foremost, don't overspend on small sizes. I'm the first one to ooh and aah over designer bloomers, yet I experienced front row how clever newborns are when it comes to smudging. Many big chains offer mini collections at equally small prices, and although the fabrics are often less qualitative, they're more than fine to catch everyday burps. An insider's tip: the bio cotton rompers from HEMA. You can never have enough of those.

On the other hand, don't buy baby clothes too big, thinking your kid will grow into them. You'll be a lot more relaxed when that diaper is properly packed, believe me. Besides, an oversized playsuit looks sloppy – and by the time the garment fits well, it's likely either covered in milk or out of fashion.

Which brings me to an important style rule. Even the strictest minimalist won't deny a flamingo print looks cute on her little one. However, it's a better idea to stick to simplicity. Timeless pieces are easier to pass on to a brother or sister because they don't look dated after a few years. Stock up on basics, they're perfect to combine mutually or to balance that one colorful piece you really couldn't resist.

And it might seem obvious, but keep the seasons in mind. I prefer (or at least I try) not to shop too much in advance as the Belgian weather's mostly unpredictable. A knitted hat that appears too tight after a hot September month – that is just a waste of good taste.

The pictures belong to ZARA, Petit Bateau, Fred & Ginger, L'asticot and Maurice knitwear, a handful of my favorite labels.

To the Zoo

by Waltrui

As weeks go by and my enthusiasm for tiny little rompers grows, it's getting more and more clear that this summer will be all about our new family member. So before the baby fever knocks us (ok, me) down, we thought we owed Mon at least one special day. A day including egg sandwiches and lots of animals. We hadn't seen him this excited since his first potty success.

Enjoy your Sunday!

The Cultural Side of Cologne

by Waltrui

What I like about visiting a less obvious city: you can easily finish off your list of must-sees in just a weekend, without rushing from one point to another. The ideal formula for a pregnant woman and her beloved boyfriend, so a couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves driving to the east, where we ended up in a hotel in Cologne. On our program (besides feeling blessed with the surprisingly sunny weather): discovering its hottest cultural spots. Our best finds.

One. It takes a walk over a bridge that moans under the weight of padlocks and tourists, but the Rheinboulevard on the right bank is something you simply cannot miss. The integrated stairs along the river make it the perfect spot for chitchatting or people watching. The many beautiful parks besides, this was by far my favorite public space of Cologne.

Two. Though we decided to spend most of our time outside, Museum Ludwig was definitely worth going in. This modern art walhalla is compact and complete at the same time. Get lost while strolling from Picasso's masterpieces to one of the biggest pop art collections in the world. Tip from the house: drop by this gem on Sunday morning, have lunch at the classy museum café afterwards and enjoy some live music with your freshly made ravioli.

Three. On our last day, we were eager to explore the Flora with its numerous exotic plants. Going up, we passed by the Skulpturenpark. It became one of the highlights of our trip. Unlike the botanical garden, this small park stood out in peace and quiet, the perfect atmosphere to admire the different installations. A hidden secret for sure.

Four. Honestly, I wasn't blown away by Cologne's architecture. The few authentic, well-preserved houses are hard to find, and the contemporary buildings often reminded us of severe German barracks. A nice exception to that rule: the Kranhäuser, three modern residential towers overlooking the Rhine. While you're at it, you might as well take a look at the rest of the renewed Rheinauhafen, featuring clean, desolated squares. An astonishing experience.

No, Cologne did not resemble the picturesque place I had in mind. However, if you dig soaking up some culture, you'll soon realize that this town's still a lot more than an annual Christmas market background. Also approved by boyfriends and unborn babies.

We used the (Dutch) time to momo travel guide to find our way through the streets of Cologne.

All pictures are taken by me.

The Alexa Files

by Waltrui

I've declared my love for British style icon Alexa Chung here once before, but as that article's almost three years old now, I think I can write a new one without people wandering if I'd give my arm for a lock of her hair.

It's that hair – and the rest of her head – I want to discuss though. Let me explain myself. Until now, I was all about the outfit. Leaving the house was preceded by an intensive changing marathon, which is probably why I never spent more than five minutes on making a bun (let alone on curling eyelashes). However, since I'm pregnant, my attention seems to stray to the beauty section. Is it the fact that my waist slowly disappears or do I just need the pampering? God only knows (and he surely heaves a sigh as he sees me messing up the bathroom).

Back to Alexa. Where I used to pin Peter Pan collars and Chelsea boots until eternity, I lately realized not only her closet's pretty desirable. These pictures don't need much comment, do they. Eyeliner, anyone?

I found the images on Brit + CoGrazia and STEAL THE LOOK.

Seeking more beauty (or Alexa) inspiration? Head over to my Pinterest board, it expands every day.