The Very Best Of Lisbon ・ Escape To Cascais

by Waltrui

I just realized I took a million pictures of the ocean when we visited Cascais. After spending some time in Lisbon, we felt the need to trade the city for this lovely fishing village. The train ride alone was worth the effort – it's considered one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the world, and I can only agree.

I've never been to a place where the ocean has so many faces. Rough around the cliffs' edges, calm and mystical at the horizon. Long story short: these are my favorite sea views from that day. On the way back, we had calamari at a charming little restaurant. The perfect end of our trip.

The Very Best Of Lisbon ・ Walking On The MAAT

by Waltrui

It was on top of my to-do list when we arrived in Lisbon: discovering the beautiful MAAT building. The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology opened its doors only half a year ago, so none of my many travel guides mentioned it. When I stumbled upon this blogpost just in time, my architect's heart skipped a beat.

Because the weather was perfect that afternoon, we only admired the outside of the museum, shining brightly in the spring sun and looking over the Tagus. We were eager to visit the area's other highlights, too, so we decided to stroll along the river from the Torre de Belém to the Ponte 25 de Abril. Ah, holidays!

Out Of The Closet

by Waltrui

How about some kitchen inspiration? Two years ago, we opted for closed cabinets to keep things organized and dust-free. However, as I'm scrolling my way through Pinterest, I start liking the idea of an open shelf to display all the pretty tableware I've been collecting. What are your thoughts or experiences?

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Prepping For Spring

by Waltrui

Writing this blog post, I have to move my computer because the sunbeams are lighting up the screen. I love this time of year, when spring is not quite there yet, but you feel how the seasons are changing. We've made some exciting plans for the Easter holidays, but more on that later.

For now, I decided to pamper myself and test a few fresh beauty and skincare products of Sister & Co. for Belgian divider Supergoods. Containing nothing but natural ingredients, they promise to feed your skin as gentle as possible. And frankly, how pretty is this packaging?

Let's start with the best: the Coconut Milk Bath Soak. Not only does it smell a-ma-zing, but the powder also softens your bathwater and leaves your skin perfectly hydrated. When you suffer from dryness like me, this is a lifesaver. Small minus: the particles tend to clump together in the bottle, so you might have to loosen them from time to time.

Next up is the Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub. A mouthful, and the many ingredients make for a very strong scent – a little too strong maybe. The scrub does what it needs to do though: slough away dead skin cells and provide a subtle glow. Not an award-winner, but there's no doubt I'll empty the bag.

Eventually I tried the Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish. I have to admit, it didn't look very appealing to me, brushing my teeth with a jet black paste. However, it works. Don't expect the effect of bleaching, but as the charcoal thoroughly cleans your teeth, they do look brighter afterwards. Tip from the house: use a separate toothbrush for this product and try not to spill. It doesn't whiten your clothes, you know.

Are you getting ready for spring? And do you adjust your beauty routine when the coldest days are over? Let me know!

I wrote this post in collaboration with Supergoods, but as always, I gave my honest opinion about the products.

The bath brush is from Dille & Kamille.

All pictures are taken by me.