by Waltrui

First things first: may this new year be fun, fabulous and full of inspiration! I'm always late when it comes to those best wishes, but hey, still 347 days left to make it work...

My resolution? Preparing the house, or at least the living room, for a photo shoot. Last year we faced a deadline called moving day, and since both our bathroom and kitchen are operational, the pressure is off. Doors suddenly don't seem very urgent - and who needs plinths anyway?

Well, the blogger in me does. She's dying to show her readers the result of all the labor, the image that's in her head for over a year now. She's dreaming of a big tropical plant, and a coffee table book on a real coffee table. She wants to make you all a little jealous, that too.

So. Today I formally promise you: be the end of December, at least one interior post will be published on this blog. With photos. And not only floor shots.

Right now I'm busy choosing a poster of the multitalented Lissa Thimm. She's a Danish textile designer, but I especially love her illustrations. The muted colors make all the pieces combinable, even though Lissa uses very different techniques. Perfect for our white living room - that is just how seriously I take a New Year's resolution.

Let's prettify 2016, shall we?

The prints of Lissa Thimm are available at her webshop. They're signed and printed on heavy paper, in limited edition.

For the Dutchies out there: I wrote an article about Lissa on Told You So. If you're interested in her work, feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.