24 Hours In Rotterdam

by Waltrui

The last time I had packed my bags was for my stay at the maternity hospital. Even though I'm still crazy about the souvenir we brought home, I started to long for a get-away from the pee and poo after a few months. And with four grandparents waiting in line to babysit, there was no reason to put off a quick citytrip any longer.

To be honest, Rotterdam and me, it wasn't love at first sight. Most of the town has been destroyed during World War II and rebuilt afterwards. The broad lanes, fringed by grey buildings, cut the city in pieces - quite frustrating for someone who has troubles orientating (me) or whose legs are rather short (me again). However, we managed to find our way to some surprising spots.

A top 3.

  1. By far my favorite district: Kralingen. Unlike the rest of Rotterdam, this quarter is known for its ease, peace and beautiful mansions. We fantasized about living there and discovered Datte & Die, a cute children's store where we bought a stuffed bluebottle for Mon (looks better than it sounds).
  2. I'm not really a gallery kinda gal, but the rain and the design collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen drove us in. I was especially impressed with the authentic thirties building and its views on the Museumpark, which must be great to stroll around on sunnier days ...
  3. When old industrial places get new destinations, I need to check them out. Station Hofplein made my heart skip a beat: food, fashion and design, all united under the bows of a former railway station. At North Sea Design, I wisely kept my credit card in my purse to avoid financial problems. Nearby, we found concept store Groos, where we waited at the door until it opened. Some shop windows call louder than market vendors ...

Yes, in spite of the mostly sad architecture and ditto weather, I got to appreciate Rotterdam. Up to the next milestone: a trip with the baby! More about it soon ...

(FYI: Mon survived his first sleepover with grace and baptized the bluebottle with a little slobber.)

All info on the different hotspots in 100% Rotterdam, published by mo'media

Pictures by Waltrui