4 Beautiful Belgian Blogs

by Waltrui

I've been blogging for a while now and honestly: I'm addicted. I think it's about time I present you my big examples, the people who created a look and feel that inspires me, not only on this blog but also in my everyday life. Belgium might be a small country, there's a lot of good taste going on here. Which bloggers do I look up to and why do their blogs make me raise the bar with every post?

No Glitter No Glory must have been one of the first blogs I started to follow, and I'm still a fan. Patricia Goijens' recognizable, eclectic style often triggers me to look for objects off the beaten design track. She has an eye for color combinations and an enviable wardrobe. Also, her Pinterest boards are perfect to brighten up a Blue Monday.

Au pays des merveilles is hosted by Hannelore Veelaert, an architect slash photographer who knows just where to eat, shop and sleep. Her pictures are neat, but she always captures the ambiance of a place. When visiting a city, don't forget to check her blog - it's likely she wrote about the finest coffee bar in town.

POLIENNE, aka Paulien Riemis, is a fashion blogger - but one of the really cool kind. When you're wearing a Minnie Mouse T-shirt and you make me wanna buy it, you have a gift. I love the girl's tongue-in-cheek attitude: you won't see Paulien taking herself too seriously in loud labels. Those outfits though!

And then there's The Fresh Light. I've met Dorothee Dubois (one more talented architect/photographer) a few times now and I can tell she's as gentle as her photos are. Dorothee's personal lifestyle website is a resting place in the sometimes noisy blogosphere - and her taste is impeccable. We've made plans for a collaboration. I cannot wait.

This is of course a very small selection - I'm pretty sure I forgot to name a bunch of blogs. Feel free to add you own favorites in the comments below!

All images belong to the mentioned bloggers.