About Pink Elephants

by Waltrui

In my student days, I had a love-hate relationship with color. The oversupply made me restless and my favorite color changed faster than I could change clothes. There were periods it seemed like a unicorn threw up rainbows in my room - until I got a headache myself and turned off the volume again for a while. Wandering around the color circle: story of my life.

However, for some time now, it feels like I've reached an equilibrium. As my style became more and more distilled, I got hooked to non-colors like black, white and grey in all kinds of shades. I also shifted my focus to nice materials, their different textures and natural hues. And I started to mix and match these neutrals endlessly without ever getting sick.

To keep things interesting though, I do always try to add an accent. When I launched this blog in February, I incorporated a hot pink in my logo, to give it a positive edge. I've never been a girly girl, but I learned to appreciate a fuchsia detail since I found out it combines beautifully with, say, light grey knitwear or plain wood. And a touch of spring when it's getting cold, can't we all use that?

Yes, the drunk unicorn has been expelled by a small but stylish pink elephant in a well balanced room. What's your color of 2014?