Autumn Evenings With Petit Collage

by Waltrui

When Lore from Atelier BéBé asked me to blog about their new toy brand Petit Collage, it felt like she had read my mind. As days are getting shorter and rainier, it's becoming more and more of a challenge to busy Mon after school, while I'm changing Daan's diaper and Marijn is working late. Although I'm multitasking like a pro by now, I welcome every plaything that keeps a toddler's interest for more than five minutes – because without getting too Mary Poppins about it, I still prefer 'real' entertainment over TV.

Petit Collage is the kind of label you immediately associate with hot chocolate, marshmallows and fire places. The pop-outs and other cardboard goodies are made to inspire kids and their grateful parents. Petit Collage also stands for sustainability: from the smallest puzzle piece to the packaging, the company uses nothing but eco-friendly materials. And when Mon's done playing one day, these little animals will look great on a bookshelf in his room (I mean, even the crocodile is adorable). You were asking for ideas, Santa?

Atelier BéBé sells a nice selection of the Petit Collage products, both online and in the brick store in Mechelen.

All pictures are taken by me.