Baby Blues

by Waltrui

With only sixteen days to go and waddle around, it's time to start thinking about the baby room … Or baby corner, since we don't really have a spare room yet (and I'm not ready to give up my dressing). The main challenge: to make those three square meters as cosy as possible.

When it comes to interior design and decoration, I'm a big fan of whites and natural hues: timeless, clean and easy to combine. For our little one though, I tried to step out of my grey comfort zone and use a bit more color. Like fifty shades of blue (yes, it's a boy!) with bright orange accents, to bring some sunshine into the room.

I ordered a few cute postcards at Papiermier, an online shop with dozens of paper goodies. Since they're way too nice to send to my friends anyway, I decided to display the cards above the bassinet, using second hand frames I found at De Kringwinkel to match the retro feel.

No, our son really won't have a reason to cry. Avoiding postnatal depressions, it's all a matter of the right decoration.

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Picture by Waltrui