Be Good

by Waltrui

I went shopping yesterday. I went shopping and I bought: a black, buttoned blouse. Since I could fill a small apartment with blacks, blouses and buttons, this purchase may become categorized as completely irrelevant. But it was just so pretty.

The incident took place at Supergoods. Have a look at the webshop, you'll understand my moment of insanity. Besides the gorgeous women's wear, there are goodies for every member of your family - I'd kidnap a baby just to try on one of the cute crawlers. And the furniture and carpets make me want to rob a bank, buy the entire collection and go back to redecorate the bank office.

Before you think I have serious issues: the store's baseline says Good Stuff for Good People, and baselines never lie. By shopping here you either save a rain forest, reduce the ozone hole or keep a living creature alive. It's all about ecodesign and fair fashion: except yourself, you satisfy at least a tree or two. Win-win!

So no, I'm not a shallow-brained compulsive shopper. I use my head, I listen to my heart and I'm considering a mild form of therapy for occasional overspending.