Be My Valentine

by Waltrui

It would be very 'Waltrui' to write a cynical post about Valentine's Day. Here's something new. I'm going romantic this year.

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Well, I'm going to try. Obviously, I'm not getting up at a ridiculous hour to make heart shaped toasts. Lack of sleep would cause puffiness in my face, and we all know that's a mood killer. The rest of the day both boyfriend and I will be at work, no room for sweet kisses there. And since my love has a training to go to in the evening, all that's left is a Valentine's Hour.

So between six and seven, I'll become the most syrupy better half one could possibly be. I'll wear the nicest panties underneath my sweat suit. I'll eat my take away as sensual as Julia Roberts walks around in Pretty Woman. And afterwards, I'll prepare a steaming bath surrounded by basil leaves (we don't happen to have roses). My darling will be gone by then, but he's not into baths anyway.

To the negativists: yes, Valentine's Day is one big commercial feast. Then again, so is shoe shopping. Let's all stop the hypocrisy, put on our bath ropes and spread the love!