by Waltrui

Let's sit down for a moment and admire the Mellow Yellow shoes I recently bought on Zalando (yes, online shopping is pretty much the only exciting thing to do when you're on maternity leave). I adore the sharp cut and the 8 cm block heels. Don't they look priceless?

Honestly, it's not my first pair of black ankle boots. Every season, there's this itch I need to scratch and I always manage to find booties completely (or less completely) different from the rest of my collection (a tiny dragonfly!). They're by far my all time favorite accessories: I wear them from work to parties and back and they literally go with every single piece in my closet.

But according to me, the most interesting it gets when I combine my black beauties with socks, underneath a simple outfit: cute and rock & roll at the same time, and perfect for the mild autumn wheather we enjoy these days. For the picture above, I picked my Dries Van Noten silk dress and a pair of wool stockings from H&M.

Let's call it 'investing in leather'. That's just being smart, no?

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Top picture by Waltrui