Boys And Their Toys

by Waltrui

'Another son, how about that?' I remember the wink my gynecologist gave us after she discovered a tiny thing on the screen. 'Well that's easy,' I answered, 'we'll just repeat the first one!' Little did I know.

If I learned something during the past few months, it's that brothers are not necessarily twins. True, Daan looks a lot like Mon at seven months, with slightly bigger ears and smaller feet. But while Mon floats through life as the daydreaming guitar player, Daan seems to become the 'head first' kinda kid, with the energy and the power of a professional drummer. Always enthusiastic, never not moving. Trying to eat whatever fits his mouth. The baby they invented unbreakable toys for.

About those toys: Daan's current favorite must be the Green Toys fire engine. The truck's size is impressive – next to this monster, the other toy cars look ridiculous. It actually belongs to Mon, but made out of milk jugs, it's probably the most solid and safe plaything in our house. So when Mon takes a break from saving people out of burning buildings, Daan loves to spin the wheels and chew on the ladders. They both have their talents – and that's all I could hope for.

We got the fire truck at Atelier BéBé, still our number one kids store. If you're looking for eco-friendly toys, check out their selection!

Daan is wearing a shirt and pants from fred + ginger.

All pictures are taken by me.