Color The World With PlanToys

by Waltrui

When you scroll through this blog, it might become clear I've got a monochrome addiction going on. Nothing against a yellow detail, but neutrals tend to make my hectic life that tiny bit more harmonious. However, I've been forced into rehab lately. You wouldn't believe the giant rainbow that enters your carefully curated interior once you have children. I keep putting colored plastic in pretty boxes, but it's like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble. Help.

They do exist though: toys that please both minimalistic mommies and their not so minimalistic kids. I found the ultimate compromise in the PlanToys products. Yes, they're bright and colorful, but the paint is water-based and balanced with just enough natural wood and white. I picked out a key rattle for Daan: the design fits his baby hands perfectly and he loves investigating his new plaything. Besides contributing to child development, PlanToys makes the world a better place by radically opting for sustainable material and manufacturing. Toys with a plan, quoi.

I got to know this smart brand at Atelier BéBé, which started as the place-to-go for kids rooms and decoration, but quickly grew into an allround shop for your little ones – online and offline. Lady of the house Lore searches for brands with a story and turns to moms (and dads) with an eye for beauty and quality. She pulled me to the colored side, who knows what else she can do?

Save the date: Atelier BéBé organizes a SINT & SANTA shopping night in Mechelen on November 8, from 06.00 to 09.00 pm – including nice discounts!

Daan is wearing a ZARA outfit.

All pictures are taken by me.