Dreaming Of A White Bathroom

by Waltrui

Sorry for the silent treatment, people! Don't take it personal, it's been quite hectic in and around the new house. At this very moment, workmen are making sure we can flush our toilet - not an unimportant job if you ask me. Meanwhile, we're busy choosing the actual toilet, a bath and some other bare necessities.

Which brings me to our future bathroom. I've spent several evenings trying to find out the perfect bathroom color (blue is too obvious, orange way too weird) - to conclude that I want most of it white. Since we're lucky to have an authentic boarded floor and a classy black chimney, a neutral background is just what we need. Combined with some marble of course, although when I look at our budget left, it'll be a soap dispenser rather than a shower wall.

Some other wish list items: a detached bath, graphic wall tiles, simple shelves to display perfumes and flowers. And black fittings - does anyone know where to find those?

I picked the pictures on Indesign LiveDaily DesignerWoonblogNo Glitter No Glory and A Standard of Living.

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