Falling Leaves In Maastricht

by Waltrui

We finally moved! But before you start shaking your ass like there's no tomorrow: this does not mean that our house is finished. The kitchen consists of a camping stove and a second-hand fridge, and the floors are waiting for some more sandpapering sessions. However, having breakfast in our bright, seven meters high living room makes up for that, and when our lavatory washbasin was installed a week ago, it felt like real luxury.

Because I still prefer a suitcase over a moving box, we booked a trip to Maastricht last weekend. The timing was perfect: with the sun on our heads and autumn leaves under our feet we forgot about the chaos at home for a few days. Maastricht is a truly charming place, those cute old houses are just made for postcards. It's lovely strolling alongside the Meuse and there's a small park on every corner of the street, literally. Cafe Zondag was our favorite spot to sit back and relax in between two city walks. And when it got too chilly to shop, we enjoyed the collection of the Bonnefantenmuseum.

We're back home now, our batteries and solar cells charged, looking forward to a working heating system. Where did this winter cold come from...?

When you're planning to visit Maastricht, I could give you a thousand tips. To keep things interesting though, I'd like to refer to 100% Maastricht (published by mo'media), the guide we used to explore the city. I also highly recommend reading this blogpost on MyDubio. Living in Holland herself, Joyce knows what she's talking about.

All pictures are taken by me. I had a hard time making a selection for the blog, so be prepared for some serious Maastricht spamming on Instagram...