Flower Power

by Waltrui

Spring is in the air! Butterflies, bumblebees! The sound of singing birds! The smell of blooming flowers!

About those flowers. Unfortunately, plants tend to either dry or drown in my company. I can cherish them, hug them, read aloud The World Book of Happiness, nothing helps. I guess I just don't send out the romantic vibe needed to prevent green from turning brown. Even the toughest cactus would jump out of his pot and run as I arrive. It's an unanswered love I'll never get over.

So when those first sunbeams break through and I start leering at an innocent tulip, I run off to Lily for some distraction. The shop in Mechelen is one rosy paradise, perfect for scratching a spring itch. They sell fresh and fruity ladies wear and gadgets that keep me from causing a floral bloodbath. Plus: you don't have to water, fertilize or hug anything.

Forget about self-declared plant doctors; for fauna and flora, it's Lily to the rescue. What's in a name anyway?