Greetings From Mechelen

by Waltrui

I always told myself this blog would be the place where I write about the beauty on my way. I did not tell myself what to do when I'd be spending every free minute chipping plaster in a dusty room, wearing clothes I should've thrown away many years ago. A renovation happens to be a never-ending story, and the many holiday snaps on Instagram can be a little mood killing after you ate a sandwich next to a pile of rubble. What to report when you have dust in your hair instead of sand? I'm now very sure the discoverer of the writer's block was doing construction works at his house.

After three weeks of non-vacation, I needed to get away, if only just for an hour. Before the start of another working day, we decided to escape to Sister Bean, a cosy bar at Vismarkt in Mechelen, with truckloads of calories on the menu. We had croissants and coffee, took some pictures and talked about new furniture - and how, in a very near future, the blood, sweat and tears would become funny anecdotes we tell our guests while they admire our stunning interior. Afterwards, we went window shopping for the perfect grey sofa, until duty called. It was the best vacation I could've hoped for.

Coincidence or not, I was present at Sister Bean again two days later - this time for lunch and chitchat with Caroline Comyn from Studio ACCO. We ended up with some exciting ideas for a collab. To be continued - but first things first: the countdown to moving day!

All pictures are taken by me. Don't get troubled by the empty chairs - we were the first clients that day. Since Mon came into our lives, breakfast is served at 8 ...