Happy Halloween

by Waltrui

He likes lullabies and fart noises. He refuses to crawl, but spins around on his butt like a propeller. He thinks socks are living creatures that need to be killed. He claps his chubby hands when someone drops a plate. His toes look like little worms. He's into jewelry (gay?) and Daddy's beer bottles (or maybe not). He says 'tata' to street dogs and leaves a trace of slobber wherever he goes. He eats bananas, grass, occasionally cardboard boxes. He has three and a half teeth and is not afraid to use them.

Our Mon-ster is growing!

Mon is showing off a JBC sweater, ZARA leggings and HEMA slippers. The soil stains are his own idea.

All pictures are taken by me, at Vrijbroekpark in Mechelen, right before sunset.