Holidays At Home

by Waltrui

Lately I've been thinking about traveling with kids. So far, we've only taken one trip with Mon, five months old at that time. Talking about a reality check. Marijn and I both had a bad cold, it was raining cats and dogs outside and although Mon acted like a Pampers commercial baby, nursing him still felt like a fulltime job. We needed a week to recover from four days in Italy.

That's when it hit me: we'll probably never be those parents hiking through Peru with a baby and a tot in their backpacks. We do love discovering new places and on the one hand, I can't wait to make Mon a part of that. But fascinated by a garbage can, he wouldn't appreciate a journey the way it should be appreciated - and we would miss half of it trying to stop him from eating cigarette butts. (Also, hiking boots are just horrible.)

So for now, Mon and I enjoy our time together in Mechelen. The weather has been very Belgian, but we try to go out as much as possible, pointing at every single dog in the street. And during the daily rain showers, we read cardboard books and take long baths. Mon is as happy as a hippo. Who needs a hotel swimming pool anyway when you have your own private tub at home?

However, I'm really looking forward to our family voyage next week. My parents rented a house by the sea in Normandy. We're taking the car and plan to relax: no FOMO! Curious if Mon will still be impressed by our bathtub after paddling in the Atlantic Ocean...

All pictures are taken by me, in between Mon's splash sessions.