Holy Cow

by Waltrui

When it comes to my eating pattern, I'm a saint. I have multiple pieces of fruit every day, I feel guilty when I even smell a cookie and I drink so much water I spend half of my life in the bathroom. Apart from my strong belief in cake vitamins, you would say I'm the Mother Teresa of the food department.

Imagine my delight when I discovered a place that completely fits my balanced lifestyle. Il Cardinale lies in the shadow of St. Rumbold's Cathedral and serves holy hamburgers. Sitting by a wall filled with Virgin Mary statues, you can enjoy a juicy bite of a burger called Baby Jesus, with ketchup on top. Nothing sinful about that! And when your conscience tends to protest, order homemade fries and a cole salad on the side. You're going straight to heaven, I promise.

If you'll excuse me now, I'm late for my Bible class.

Thank God for burgers.
— Il Cardinale