Into The Woods

by Waltrui

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, reorganizing my closet, I did a quite disturbing discovery: my collection of bracelets appeared to be very limited - almost nonexistent, even. There were a few rusted metal pieces and something tatty in impossible colors, and that was really it. My watch must have felt like the loneliest accessory in the world.

After a small panic attack, I took action. I found a bag full of old, broken necklaces, mixed up the beads and combined them into a brand new bracelet. Tailor-made and adjusted to the fall hues of my outfit, of course.

Things got a little out of control, and I ended up creating a small collection, inspired by the woods. On friendly request, my boyfriend constructed the perfect jewelry holder out of an actual branch. Love!

Can't wait to see what happens when I start cleaning up the kitchen.

Picture by Waltrui