Kitchen Issues

by Waltrui

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I bought a dream house that would turn Barbie green with envy: a mansion right in the centre of Mechelen. The original boarded floors and high ceilings made it love at first sight. Moreover, with a baby on the way and an ever-expanding cavia (here, Barbie would regain her normal color), we could use some extra square meters - and that's exactly what we found.

However, about 170 years old, the house needs a facelift. At this time, we're almost done removing many layers of wallpaper and carpet, but we have to wait for a permission of the city to start the great work: a part of the first floor will be teared down, creating a duplex living space directed to the (future) garden. The kitchen becomes the heart of the house, with a work/play area that looks out over it.

After all the measuring and drawing, we can finally go kitchen shopping! Follow my board on Pinterest to see what we have in mind …

Plans by Waltrui