Love Is In The Air Max

by Waltrui

There were days I looked away when a Nike Air Max wearing creature crossed my path. It often concerned a middle-aged construction worker, matching his sneakers with a shapeless pair of department store jeans (no judgement). I just held my breath and toddled away on my stilettos, trying to erase the image from my memory.

Times have changed, fashionistas carefully discover the comfort zone. Believe me, I tried to fight it, telling myself I wouldn't fall for plastic containing shoes. But you know what they say about the things you can't have: you'll want them even more, in different colors, with a touch of neon. And it gets worse: I think I'm in love.

It feels a little bit like cheating, though. My grey leather boots never disappointed me - they don't even hurt that much, despite the 8 cm heels. They were my faithful companions during the holidays and I never stopped loving them. But the passion's gone. And then, in a weak moment, a girl starts flirting on the internet.

I think I'll still wait a little before the actual purchase; with Valentine's Day coming up, it would just be too painful. But when you catch me smiling a few weeks from now, know that I found a new love and the ability to run again.