Marble Mania

by Waltrui

When I updated my logo a few weeks ago, you should've known. I'm going marble crazy. And, luckily for me, so is the design world - hence the appearance of this luxurious stone in many clean interiors. Nature and minimalism united: you get where my obsession comes from. In our new house, I want a bathroom entirely made out of marble, with black fittings and a shelf filled with Chanel products. (Note to self: show the boyfriend 'marble' does not equal 'eighties kitsch'. And win the lottery.)

It all began with this Oelwein cutting board I bought at Supergoods as a birthday gift for my brother- and sister-in-law, both foodies at heart. The best presents are those you secretly want to keep for yourself, and this really was a hard one to give away. I mean, you could serve grass on it and still take that perfect Instagram picture, right?

Let me show you some other photogenic goodies I found on - just in case you guys also have birthdays (or boring Sundays) coming up.

From left to right:

  • The classic chimney aside, marble is made for the good old pestle and mortar. This Point-Virgule set, with both sides of the mortar usable, is stunning in its simplicity.
  • They're cute and cozy at the same time, these Bloomingville candleholders. I want the whole collection. Don't they look like one big happy family?
  • With 'Marble Wall Clock' from MenuNorm Architects wants to remind us of the pure beauty in an everyday object. White (or green) marble and lacquered brass in a timeless shape - you'll never be late anymore.
  • A new version of a well-known design: the 'Mass Light NA5' &tradition lamp in brown marble. No words needed - only a white painted living room with a very high ceiling.

For more marble mania, I refer to my Pinterest board. Also suitable for convincing stubborn boyfriends.

Top picture by Etsy, other pictures by the respective brands