Million Dollar Baby

by Waltrui

Shopping for babies is tricky, I'm telling you. Babies look good in anything - still years before their bellies and buts become problem zones to cover up. And so many cute mini clothes out there. Before you know it, you buy your kid another yellow crawler printed with purple pineapples. But do we ever wonder if our little ones are ok with being dressed up like circus monkeys? If they don't get sick of those noisy color combinations?

The Fashion Bible says: don't put on your child what you wouldn't wear yourself. It became my criterion for composing Mon's wardrobe. I gave birth to him, it's only fair I make sure he looks like a million bucks. And he seems pretty happy with his basics, in hues that flatter his skin tone.

However, Mon is growing every minute, so when webshop Zalando asked me what I liked, I threw my selfishness overboard, skipped the ladies shoe section and chose this outfit for our little man. The blue brings out his eyes, Breton stripes are just always a good idea. And seriously, if any of these pieces came in an adult size, I would be first in line.

Where do you guys shop for your little boys or girls?

Petit Bateau sweater - Joha body - Noppies tracksuit bottoms

Pictures by Lieve Potoms