My Life After The Bump

by Waltrui

Lately, I've been looking forward to do my magic disappearing act with the baby bump. Don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty proud of my belly and (you can start hating me now) the rest of my body didn't even change a bit. But seriously, nine months of ginless tonic is enough.

Moreover, maternity wear turned out to be a disappointment. Either you go to a fancy boutique and overspend on huge elastic waistbands, or you end up in a small corner at the back of H&M, where the lights are broken and the collection stays the same during your entire pregnancy. The fashion industry clearly gives up on women who cannot tie their own shoelaces anymore.

So I started dreaming about shopping with a baby buggy, in brightly lit places. Here comes my wish list.







  1. To start with: a fine set of Stella McCartney (€ 35 for the briefs and € 60 for the soft cup bra). I know, being pregnant, I can still wear nice lingerie - but when you're not able to see your own panties anymore, you kinda stop caring about matching pieces.
  2. Oh how I long for a normal pair of pants! Since I bought the perfect skinny jeans at Scotch & Soda a few seasons ago, I looked for more - and found this marble printed beauty for € 109,95.
  3. 2014 was the year of the cropped top: as my belly grew, the tees shrunk. This white shirt from & Other Stories will be mine for € 25. Yes, autumn has come, but the compliments will keep me warm.
  4. I'll need a piece with buttons, for example this curved shoulder coat of COS for € 175. Just to enjoy the fact that I can actually fasten it without looking like Santa.
  5. Last but not least: it's about time for some very high heels, like this pair of French Connection, for sale at Lily's (€ 149). Because comfort is so overrated when you can wear stilettos.

The countdown to my new life has begun. I'll keep you posted!