Natural Beauty

by Waltrui

Let's first be clear about this: I am not a beauty expert. At all. When I go out the door, I only wear mascara and occasionally a lick of concealer. My sensitive skin and freckles are always suspicious when it comes to makeup, so as for most things in life, I prefer to keep it simple and pure.

I did get curious though when Supergoods, a Belgian based store with a heart for people, animals and plants, kindly asked me to try their newest organic makeup label UND GRETEL. Nothing but natural ingredients – could this make a cosmetics skeptic like me come round? Well, for a bunny-friendly company, I really did't mind playing the laboratory rabbit myself. I took the test.

Honestly: with their Bauhaus-inspired packaging, they got my vote in advance – but the inside of those pretty boxes didn't disappoint either. The Berlin brand sticks to the essentials and offers a limited but rich color palette. There's a creme eye stick in a bronze tone that looks good on everyone and a mascara that turned out to be very qualitative. But I'm utterly addicted to their 'grownup' lipgloss. Subtlety with high impact – UND GRETEL, I'm a fan.

Still no expert, but I went to work this morning wearing some makeup and a big smile on my face. Let's call it beginner's luck...

The products are for sale both online and at the Supergoods stores in Mechelen and Ghent. Ask for advice, it's free!

I wrote a little something for Told You So (in Dutch) about UND GRETEL and organic haircare label Less is More, also divided by Supergoods.

All pictures are taken by me.