by Waltrui

'Like I need one more thing on my mind.' My thoughts exactly when I saw the call for content creators on Told You So. That was before I discovered the puddle under our fridge and after I pulled what once was a magazine out of Mon's mouth. Slightly distracted, I applied as a candidate. I'm a very curious girl after all.

One lunch and a long chat later, I received an email: 'Welcome to the Told You So creators team!' I got business cards, a tote bag, a coffee mug. It would've been particularly rude to refuse at this point - so I said yes. And I don't even drink coffee.

Truth is I'm a big fan of Told You So. Unlike most glossies, this Belgian lifestyle website has no commercial goal. It shows a range of carefully selected products and people, known or less known, only for their inspirational qualities. And the articles are properly written, what I consider as a big plus. They're in Dutch, but I promise every post of mine will be summarized here, in English.

Additional advantage: online magazines are harder to destroy than paper ones (Mon already tried to take a bite from my Macbook).