Office Talk

by Waltrui

I've been planning to write something about my home office for a while now, but ironically, I had to wait for the summer holidays to find the time. Not that it's all peace and quiet here now. We've reached that stage where Mon and Daan are crazy about each other – until there's a simultaneous interest in one particular toy and World War III breaks out. Thank God for afternoon naps, right?

Back to the office talk. After a period of trial and error at different jobs, I chose to become my own boss and work at home, at least as long as the boys are little. That's mostly practical – being an architect slash blogger, I'm able to set up a flexible work schedule and take a break when the school bell rings. Second big plus: I never face traffic jam, I rarely even use the car during the week. And when I miss a colleague, there's always another freelancer around who's willing to join me for lunch.

But the best thing about my home office? It's mine. I can play the music that motivates me or prepare my favorite drink to counter a deadline. And although my work studio's not nearly ready, I never say no to pretty stationery. At Le Chat Noir Design, the lovely online shop of my friend Noémie, I found the most beautiful office supplies from Monk & Anna. The design reminds me of Japan and completely fits my current state of mind: zen. Don't wake up yet, sons.

In collaboration with Le Chat Noir Design ・ The stationery's also available at BASIL NOIR, a concept store popping up in Tienen, co-hosted by Noémie. Make sure to check out the cute baby section as well!

Pictures by Waltrui