Quality Time

by Waltrui

A week ago, I met Debby De Ridder from Gamine. This pretty breakfast/lunch/coffee bar in Mechelen was on my blog bucket list for a while now and I figured Debby would be the perfect person for my first Told You So interview.

She was. We talked about her favorite city, Paris (the name 'Gamine' should've given me a clue), and how Audrey Hepburn inspires her to cut her hair short. It was Debby's man who designed the logo that made my heart skip a beat, and together, the couple managed to give Gamine that je-ne-sais-quoi I deeply love. During our conversation, I changed into one of those stupid nodding puppets and had to stop myself from constantly screaming 'I know!'. Thank God Debby acted like a pro and delivered a kick-ass interview.

Gamine is quite small, but the marble tables are arranged in a smart way, so the place never feels cramped. The boarded floor, the different vintage plates and the closeness to our new home make it feel almost like my second living room (I wish). The menu's limited as well and changes every week, so you can't be picky. On the other hand, you also cannot possibly make the wrong choice. Look at the pictures and you know what I mean.

Quality over quantity, it's the rule I always tend to follow and it's probably why you find me at Gamine whenever I'm hungry. The chalkboard says 'homemade walnut carrot cake with cream cheese frost' - I say: 'Two, please.'

You can read the entire interview with Debby on Told You So right here. More hotspots to discover in the city guide of Mechelen!

All pictures are taken by Jorrit Michiels, Debby's better half. Many thanks to both of them.