Sunday Chungday

by Waltrui

On Sunday mornings I like to sit back, relax and watch 24 Hour Catwalk. The show's not even that good and the candidates' designs mostly hurt my eyes, but the presenter makes up for everything. Let me introduce you to the lovely Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung is one of the few girls I'd want to switch lives with. Her legs make mine look like dwarf paws, her eyeliner's always sharp like a knife and she probably has designer cereals for breakfast. But surprisingly, I don't feel the tiniest urge to pinch her. In fact, if I were thirteen (which I'm really not), she'd be all over my bedroom walls, waking over me and my Johnny Depp doll.

Lately it hit me what aroused my interest - okay, obsession with miss Chung. It must be her juicy British accent when she proclaims 'I'm sorry, you're cut' at the end of the show, killing the dream of a doubtful Israeli designer. It's the way she shines while secretly judging the worse dressing world around her. Yes, her being divine and human at the same time, that's why I love Alexa. That and the Chanel purses.

24 Hour Catwalk, every Sunday at 10.15 am on VIJF