Sunday Strolls

by Waltrui

On Sundays we stroll. When the weather is fine but there's not enough time for a real trip, we charge the camera battery, tighten our sneakers and put Mon in his buggy. No better way to clear our heads than walking and talking.

As an experienced stroller, or rather as an architect, I can highly recommend the path along the canal that connects Leuven and Mechelen - my old and my current hometown. The eclectic mix of classic and contemporary architecture, of beautiful art deco buildings and banal Flemish houses makes for a very interesting view. I particularly love the colors, the glue that keeps all those styles together. Renaat Braem may have called Belgium 'the ugliest country in the world', somehow there's a charm to it as well.

We already decided which house we'll buy when it's ever for sale (and we happen to be millionaires). Where do you stroll?

All pictures are taken by me.