Sun, Sea And Family

by Waltrui

We just got back from lovely Normandy and I couldn't wait to share some sunny pictures here. In case you're planning a vacation with an energetic toddler yourself, I might also have a few tips for you.

One: make sure your destination offers enough space, both in- and outside. My parents rented a large house via Airbnb, so Mon could run around and nicker without disturbing angry Germans. A few steps away, we had the beach practically to ourselves, which made it very easy to keep an eye on our little mussel. While the grown-ups played Kubb, Mon had some mud pie and took a sand shower - everyone happy.

Two: travel in a group. With three uncles, two aunts and two grandparents pushing the stroller, I actually had the time to take a glass of rosé wine, sit down and read a magazine. Seven dedicated nannies and one well rested Angelina Jolie, it was like a fairytale. (Brad Pitt was mostly looking for fossils at the shore.)

Last but not least: don't expect to see every statue in the neighborhood. Leave those travel guides at home and relax! We did visit Caen, a charming city nearby, but above all, we enjoyed each other's company, laughing and barbecuing until sunset. And trying to get the sand out of Mon's ears, that too.

All pictures are taken by Marijn and me.