The Alexa Files

by Waltrui

I've declared my love for British style icon Alexa Chung here once before, but as that article's almost three years old now, I think I can write a new one without people wandering if I'd give my arm for a lock of her hair.

It's that hair – and the rest of her head – I want to discuss though. Let me explain myself. Until now, I was all about the outfit. Leaving the house was preceded by an intensive changing marathon, which is probably why I never spent more than five minutes on making a bun (let alone on curling eyelashes). However, since I'm pregnant, my attention seems to stray to the beauty section. Is it the fact that my waist slowly disappears or do I just need the pampering? God only knows (and he surely heaves a sigh as he sees me messing up the bathroom).

Back to Alexa. Where I used to pin Peter Pan collars and Chelsea boots until eternity, I lately realized not only her closet's pretty desirable. These pictures don't need much comment, do they. Eyeliner, anyone?

I found the images on Brit + CoGrazia and STEAL THE LOOK.

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