The Online Shopping Diaries

by Waltrui

Earlier this week, I bought shoes. Not very exceptional, I admit. Rather banal even. But I did it online. For the first time. And that raises your eyebrows, doesn't it.

To understand, you need to know that I shop like a well trained police dog. I trace a dress, inspect the fabric, hang it back, pick it up again to try the zipper. If it was socially accepted, I would deconstruct the whole thing and examine it under a microscope. I've left trousers at the cash desk because the left leg suddenly appeared 2 mm larger than the right one. The idea of ordering something without first touching, smelling, tasting it, makes me stretch my tail and bark nervously.

But a girl has to exceed her own limits from time to time, and bungee jumping's such a fuss. So I bought shoes, on Zalando, my nose against the pictures on the screen and my heart beating like multiple jungle drums. The content of my first virtual shopping bag is on its way to my non-virtual mailbox as we speak. There's nothing left to do but wait now.

To be continued.