Three Going On Four

by Waltrui

A new school year, a new season. When I was looking for blankets to cover the colder nights, I dug up Mon’s corduroy pants from last year. It made me realize how much he has grown. Suddenly he’s not the smallest kid on the playground anymore. He knows it all but still asks a thousand questions, mostly about The Rolling Stones. He plays his own guitar and has his own, very strong little will.

He’s also getting picky when it comes to clothing – anything that smells like babies is a big no-go. So yesterday, we visited one of the coolest places Mechelen has to offer, brewery Het Anker, to take some pictures of his current favorite Bobo Choses cardigan (found at Goldfish). And sing Satisfaction on the way, of course.

In collaboration with Goldfish

Pictures by Waltrui