by Waltrui

Has it been a year already since he turned one? Time flies when you're changing diapers! In the past twelve months, Mon started to walk, talk, draw airplanes, build rockets and do excellent cow impressions. He's also grown himself a little character, giggling at his own practical jokes and pulling out the drama when Rabbit needs a turn in the washing machine.

Since this was the first birthday he would actively participate (last year, he just ate his crown), we decided to celebrate with all grandparents, aunts, uncles and little nieces we could think of. And a party it was. The fact that I left the photo camera on the table throughout the whole afternoon, says it all. Luckily I took a few shots before the guests arrived and changed the cakes into crumbs. Mon was shining like only a two-year-old can shine. A day to remember.

We ordered Mon's birthday cakes at Les Tartes de Fran├žoise, a webshop (and a lifesaver) for moms with no time nor baking skills. For the decoration, Prep Your Party came to the rescue.

All pictures are taken by me.