Under The Roof

by Waltrui

This year has hardly come to an end, but I've already started on our biggest project of 2018: creating two boy's rooms in the attic. And instead of randomly pinning away, I thought I might share the prettiest ideas with you here.

We first considered making one large open space, but quickly decided to give Mon and Daan each their own spot. Our sons will surely fall asleep easier this way, and as they grow up, they'll probably want some privacy now and then. The rooms should be their safe havens, where they can study and read a book before bedtime. Or in a less perfect world, get caught with the iPad.

The photos belong to Oh Eight Oh NineCoosje, Cox & Cox, Decordots, 70percentpure, Etsy and Stadshem. If you're looking for more inspiration, check my Pinterest board!