Welcome, Daan

by Waltrui

Let's be honest: there's nothing like the excitement that comes with a first pregnancy. The blue plus sign. The whole new universe of cribs and bibs and overall cuteness. The checking of the bump in every single mirror, the showing of sonograms to complete strangers. And how you nearly explode with curiosity whenever that mini monkey crosses your mind.

With little number two on its way, you get on that rollercoaster again. But you know the drill, you've seen the baby stuff. No more surprises: as your due date approaches, you spend the days working and wiping your toddler's nose, self-confident, fully prepared for that next stay at the maternity hospital.

And then, on July 13, there we were. Flabbergasted all over again. Crying the same amount of happy tears as two-and-a-half years ago. Because this second monkey turned out to be different, but equally perfect. Because we suddenly realized there had been something missing in the small zoo our household can be.

So don't you think you're any less special, Daan. You'll probably stay the youngest, which basically means you'll get away with everything. I know we're gonna spoil you to pieces and I won't even try to fight it. You're only ten weeks old now, but when you smile, our world stops turning. You fill up our car and our hearts. And you make your brother a brother, one that would give up his blue plastic guitar for you (we both know how much that means). The best is yet to come – just because you're here.

Daan is wearing a T-shirt and leggings of fred + ginger for his first photo shoot.

All pictures are taken by me.