Wood In The Mix

by Waltrui

It used to be not done: combining different types of wood. Either you chose the light, Scandinavian inspired interior, with a kitchen in pale timber and pastel tableware - or you went the grown-up way, which often meant dark boarded floors, paired with sturdy furniture in black steel. Wood on wood was risky business, and when we moved into our new house last year, I sold my deep brown cabinets, thinking they would not fit into the bright living room I had in mind.

Today however, it seems more than socially accepted to mix oak with ebony. As in fashion, matchy-matchy is dull: you give your home its character by experimenting and daring. There are no rules anymore - or maybe just this one: keep the rest of the color palette simple to avoid a messy look. Very happy I still have my walnut side table...

Pictures by Vogue Living, vtwonen, nine Homes, Vosgesparis, My home, sfgirlbybay and West Elm.

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